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I am extremely glad to have met you, and am very fortunate to be in the space I am in. Words fall short..when I say I am grateful and very appreciative for your kind input, advice and help. The reviews you give of the work have kept me going.. the additional time at the gallery has kept the hope alive.. and talking me into attending last Saturday did wonders for my self confidence and determination. A much different experience than the first time.. I wish I could take advantage of the time there and be in attendance.. I am working on that as best I can with what I have left up here in Humboldt. I've included my one promo with my info on it.. if anyone wants one. I will print more of those fold up promos if you like..if it isnt too late. They all got taken. I was surprised.. one woman wanted to film me speaking..for an E-zine.. but I havent heard from her. I have heard from people that have said a range of very kind to very moving things..so that I am so TRULY grateful to you for.. No matter what..you have a very grateful human here who thanks you with all his soul. (Am I approaching redundancy? Left it behind?) If I still had my day job it wouldnt be an issue to come anytime.. its a pity..or a mercy..timing. Time will tell. You have a loyal friend in me.. Redundantly Gratefully yours, Lucien
Posted By: Lucien Lowande
"Galiara has been one of the most instrumental galleries for supporting young, emerging artists in the bay area. As a new artists to San Francisco, Galiara provided the best resources and knowledge of the art scene and market, as well as influential contacts to help give my career a jump-start here in San Francisco. David, their head curator, is a true professional in the art market and provided information and advice in the arts that were beyond my expectations. Galiara 4N5 provides a great space for the community and brings the arts alive in a more modern, fun, inventive way that most galleries are unable to provide."
Posted By: Dana
San Francisco is such an exciting place to be an artist. There is so much going on in the world of art here. It can be hard to find footing here if you are the new kid. Artists Alley (Gallery 4N5) took me in fairly soon after a landed in San Francisco. I have enjoyed many shows and parties in the gallery. Both shows I have participated in, and shows I have attended just to support and meet other artists. There is a real sense of family and growth in the gallery. I am very excited to see what is in store for the gallery now with the new bar and name change to Gallery 4N5. -Bethany Rose
Posted By: Bethany Rose
"In the fast paced world of big shopping malls and department stores, it's a great feeling to know that there still are, neighborhoods, where merchants greet customers by name and personal interaction is the norm rather than a novelty. The true essence of San Francisco lies in these very unique, "neighborhood" pocket communities, many offering a one-stop local creativity shopping experience, for everything from fine art from emerging artists. Galiara is exactly that. Its up to us to help preserve these last lines of defence". Patron -
Posted By: Patron
A friend turned me onto Galiara, not sure what to expect from them I agreed to a 3 months contract, the first week that I was a part of the gallery I was contacted by David he informed me my large painting had sold at a fundraiser the gallery had just hosted, was I surprised as I really did not expected anything to sell this fast. Would I recommend this gallery to other artists, yes for the following reasons they go the extra mile to service emerging artists. Thanks guys for allowing me to be a part of your gallery Bill Smith
Posted By: Bill Smith
My experiences dealing with the Galliara Gallery in San Francisco is soul lifting, as an emerging artists I have had a very difficult road from a lack of confidence in my self and an inability to sell my art. From day one when I joined the gallery, the staff worked with me to over come the lack of confidence in my self, for that I am truly grateful and will always be in their debt, they care for their artists. In the 3 months that I have been with the gallery I have sold two of my art pieces, the money received has afforded me to continue being an artist, which is my only desire in life. I cannot thank the team at Galiara enough for what they have done for me Y Sethi
Posted By: Sethi
"Years ago I began a series of sculptures — thematic wall-hanging assemblage of wood and metal objects— incorporating my talents in theatrical set design to a smaller scale. I thought of them as micro-plays where props and symbols became the actors and the story. Yet they languished on the walls of cafés and hair salons, gathering compliments and dust, but remaining unsold. The Gallery at Shoppe Unusual finally provided a forum and prime space for my whimsical sculptural poems to reach the discerning eye and the designer’s sensibilities. In a very short time, many were taken by appreciative patrons! I and the over 25 artists can now happily manifest more creations, knowing they have found a perfect and genuine home at this amazing venue.“ - Larry Baumiller, sculptor
Posted By: Larry Baumiller
Thank you, thank you Galiara, I have just completed my artist in residency program, I have to say this last couple of months has been one of my most exciting and rewarding times of my life. Artist residency's host artists for lengths of time ranging from two weeks to three months, but most last approximately one month. A few can offer a modest stipend, and some request payment (usually partial payment of actual expenses), but many allow artists simply to come for free. Artist residency's usually have a number of artists in residence at any one time (from 2 to 5). this is the norm. Galiara breaks the mould for artist residency programs, starting with being picked up at the airport in a Lincoln Town car and driven to the house where I would stay for the duration of the residency. My days went something like this breakfast, then be driven to the gallery where I would paint all day in a space that had been allocated for me. I painted 4 large painting during my stay. My Host had arranged through out my stay the following trips to show my art, Stanford and Berkeley Universities, a dinner for about 100 selected art lovers at a vineyard in Napa, prominent private homes through out the Bay Area, the piece de resistance of my residency program was a day out on the Bay in a 100 ft plus boat talking about my art to the invited guests. Bhalu Mondhe
Posted By: Bhalu Mondhe
Excellent platform for emerging artists!! What I particularly like about this site is that it allows me to create my art gallery separately from my online art store, permitting me to showcase my talent with artwork that may no longer be available for selling, or is displaying at a museum. Keep up the great work!!
Posted By: Newbie
Fremont, CA

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