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  • Grants For Individual Projects

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  • Professional Development

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Sponsoring Private Events

  • VIP Insiders Club Of Philanthropists & Supporters of Creative Arts (By Invite)

  • Sponsorship Of Exclusive Private Events on Yachts, Chartered Jets, Golf Courses, Wineries & More

  • Celebrity Connections & Talent Endorsements

  • Event Network Includes - Socialites, New Age Patrons, Philanthropists, Corporates And Charities

  • Tie - Ups With Top Foundations And Charities

  • Fundraising Events & Opportunities

  • Event Network Includes - Socialites, New Age Patrons, Philanthropists, Corporates And Charities

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Over 10 years, our Eco System of approved members, has evolved as a matchmaker to identify, fund, empower, mentor, promote and pair emerging talent with new age patrons of private buyers, corporates, philanthropists, foundations and nonprofits. Galiara empowers all individuals from the creative arts, organizations and events.


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